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Our expert roofing crew at Contract Exteriors knows all too well that, when minor roofing problems are overlooked, they can become major, costlier problems that can damage the interior of your home. That’s where we have things covered with our team that handles roof repairs.

Our professional roofers, backed by a vast amount of experience atop homes across the region, will make sure your home is properly protected with quality materials and workmanship, so your roof repair doesn’t have to lead to a complete roof replacement.

What are some signs that you should call us for a consultation or inspection? A leaky roof will stain your ceiling or walls, but not always where the water enters the roof. It can run down to another area before it leaks into your living space because of damaged or missing shingles, inadequate flashing or more serious deterioration of your roof. We’ll find the root of your roof problem quickly and safely, so your life can return back to normal.

Inspections. Our comprehensive roof inspections and certifications will ensure that the structural integrity of your roof is intact. We carefully evaluate all aspects of your roof and identify any areas that need repair or replacement. We’ll check for: missing, broken or torn shingles; shingle granules that are worn away; cracked or missing caulk; rusted or missing flashing; rotted or torn rubber boots around pipes; wood rot or sagging areas; cracks in chimney or missing caps; gutters that aren’t securely attached.

Hail & High Wind Damage. Hail and wind damage can be tricky to pinpoint, as it damages different roofing materials and parts of the home in a diverse amount of ways. The difference is caused by the wind that drives the hail, which varies from a glancing blow to one that impacts the roof at close to 90 degrees. In a high wind situation, you may find your shingle tabs blow upwards or fold backwards. Contract Exteriors has the experience and knowledge to identify these issues for you, and work with your insurance carriers throughout the claim process. Leave it to our professional team to protect and repair your home from hail and wind damage.

Wood Rot Repair. The condition of your roof deteriorates from recent storms or normal wear over time, which, if it isn’t regularly inspected, the condition of the wood could lead to rotting.

Ridge Vents & Ventilation. It’s amazing that 90% of homes in North America are inadequately ventilated. Attics need effective ventilation to keep homes cool, and intake and ridge vents that work together are best. We can make sure everything is clear and cool.

Roof & Ice Damage. Whether in the aftermath of summer thunderstorms or winter ice storms, your first roofing concern is whether or not the storm caused any leakage that might damage your home’s interior. Regardless, it’s important to call in an experienced roofing expert like Contract Exteriors to check your roof for any damage.

We are Your True Exterior Source. Find out how we can handle your roof repairs by calling Contract Exteriors to schedule your free estimate! Our Myrtle Beach location is currently the only one handling roof repairs.

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