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11 Stunning Custom Doors To Inspire Any Front Of The House Remodels

July 17, 2020

You put a lot of time, money, and effort into creating a home that will make you proud. Most of the emphasis on home design and renovations fall on the yard and siding. How often do you think about your front door, though?

The front of the house is literally the element that welcomes others inside, and there are so many types of custom doors with cool features to choose from.

We give you 10 great ideas for making your front door say “welcome home”. 

1. Spruce Up the Front of the House With Paint

One of the easiest (and least expensive) options is simply repainting your front door. You can find specialized paints that are designed to work on different surfaces, from steel to fiberglass to wood. It only takes about one quart of paint to do the job right.

Painting your front door is fairly easy, but there are several steps to follow in order to get the best results.

First, choose the paint. You can choose either gloss or semi-gloss, which are both incredibly durable. A glossy finish will hide nicks and other damage better.

Next, remove the hardware. This will ensure a better finish and you won’t get paint on the door knocker, handle, or hinges. Then, sand the door to remove the old paint and smooth over any nicks or dents.

Now you’ll apply a primer and wait for it to dry. Finally, you can paint the door.

Choosing a Color

Of course, the most crucial step is choosing a color for your front door. The decision will come down to the style of the house and your own personal taste.

Benjamin Moore recommends a contrasting color. If the exterior of your home is white or light gray, choose a brighter color for the door. There are warm colors such as red or cooler colors such as blue or green.  

It’s also a good idea to think about the color of our foyer, including the interior walls and flooring. 

2. Contemporary Double Doors with Glass and Sidelites

If you have space, double doors offer a dramatic welcome to your home. You can custom design the doors the way you want, and create cool geometric shapes with the wood and glass. The effect can really be stunning.

3. Split Door

If you have a home with more of a rustic or country feel, a split door is one creative option. The extra benefit is that you can open the top half to greet visitors while keeping the bottom portion locked.

4. Decorative Glass Accents

Decorative glass can make your front door a true art piece. It allows light to reach the entryway but obscures the view for anyone on the outside. There are many different ways to incorporate stained glass. 

  • Square(s) at the top, middle or bottom
  • Half-moon
  • Center oval
  • Large rectangle
  • Side-by-side rectangles

You can also install decorative glass panels to either side of the door or above the door itself. 

5. Fiberglass with Sidelites and Transom

You can buy a fiberglass door that is made to look like wood. This option offers great durability and insulation. It may even be less costly. Add decorative glass to either side of the door and a glass feature in the transom above the door. 

This will give your door some extra “oomph”.

6. Arched Door

Why go with an ordinary rectangle-shaped door? Break out of the box and choose an arched door. It adds instant elegance and eye-catching interest. The concept works whether you have a single or double door.

Don’t stop with the door. There are many ways to play up the arched aspect of the door. You can even frame the door with bricks or stone.

7. Go with Metal

metal door is a solid choice, especially if you have a contemporary style home. A grey stainless steel door adds an industrial feel. Meanwhile, other metals such as copper create instant warmth, making your home truly welcoming.

Other options include wrought iron, black iron, and metal with glass.

8. Combine Wood and Steel

Whether you have a contemporary, traditional, or rustic style home, wood and steel combine to create a beautiful effect. You can create different architectural features and shapes to add interest. This choice gives you many ways to customize your door so it reflects your personality and style. 

9. Glass Door with Glass Panels

The glass on glass effect is ideal for both traditional and modern homes. Put in a single glass door and then add glass panels on one or both sides of the door. Another option is putting in mirrored glass panels for more privacy, while still allowing you to see who’s at the door. 

10. Install Pivot Doors

Here’s an idea you may not have considered. A pivot door is actually suspended in the frame. It’s mounted via specially designed hinges underneath and below the door rather than on one side.

The technology allows for a larger opening and the ability to “swing” the door open on the hinges.

Welcome Visitors the Right Way with a New Front Door

A home renovation isn’t complete without a new front door. Whether you just add a fresh coat of paint, or replace the door entirely, you can completely update the look of the front of the house.

We can help you will all of your home renovation and maintenance needs. Don’t stop at just the doors or windows. You might also need a new roof or a deck for entertaining.

Contact us to request a quote today.

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