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2022 Customer Satisfaction Report: South Carolina Home Remodeling Made Easy

July 22, 2022

According to an article published on HubSpot, acquiring a new customer is six to seven times more expensive than retaining an existing one. And in the home remodeling business, you must keep loyal customers happy. 

For this reason, Contract Exteriors is proud to have made the Qualified Remodeler’s 2022 Customer Satisfaction Report. We love our clients, and making it onto a list of 102 companies across the country proves that customer service is our top priority. 

Which we believe makes us the best choice for your exterior renovation needs anywhere in the southern region of South Carolina. But what makes us the cut above everyone else locally, and the reason you should choose us? Read on to find out.

A Cut Above the Rest in South Carolina

Contract Exteriors is the only remodeling and replacement contractor in South Carolina to make the list, and we’re not surprised. If you’re in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, or anywhere along the coastal region of South Carolina, we want to assist you with all your exterior renovation needs. 

So, how do Contract Exteriors ensure that we retain great customer relationships? By attending to the clients’ needs and accomplishing the following. 

Meeting the Top Three Customer Needs

According to the Qualified Remodeler’s report, 2022’s top three service traits were:

  • Professional and organized company
  • Expertise
  • Solution based contractors  

Being Professional Is an Attitude 

Ensuring that your contractors arrive timely, communicate properly, and are backed by a staff that follows through, is essential.

No one wants to follow up with communications. Everyone needs contractors who are professional and organized. 

We Know What We’re Doing

Expertise comes with experience and upskilling new staff properly, so they know everything about exterior home remodeling. A contractor who can identify an issue and provide quick service is valuable to a company and client. 

And lastly, no one wants to stand around with a contractor who only provides problems. Clients have hired our services, so they don’t need to deal with it. 

Providing solutions is key to all industries. In areas like Myrtle Beach, salt damage and solid storms (sometimes hurricanes) mean that exteriors will be damaged. 

You need a company that’s been there, done that, and replaced the siding. And we offer options for great siding solutions

What other factors have won clients? 

Respect, Sales Knowledge, and Safety 

There’s nothing worse than dealing with a rude contractor, especially working with folks in South Carolina. 

Our staff ensures that no one they assist feels like they’ve been told to stand on the sidelines or that they’re not welcomed. After all, it is your home. We’re all about that southern hospitality. 

We Know What We’re Selling 

While expertise in completing the work is vital to achieving the desired outcome, having sales knowledge is also crucial when completing exterior remodeling. 

Our professionals have a first-hand experience with the products they are working for and are educated on new products.

While working in great cities such as Charleston, we take great care to ensure that we maintain the appearance of historical homes. But some innovations like hurricane shutters and impact doors will make these homes much safer. 

It’s all about giving clients exactly what they need for their homes. 

Safety Is Always First 

Living in an era post-COVID-19, respect and safety for clients go hand-in-hand. We ensure that if the client is concerned about viruses, we maintain a social distance and wear masks. 

This is done out of respect and safety. Safety also extends to completing the work in a manner that threatens no one’s life. 

All our staff ensures that the workspace is clean, that ladders are appropriately secured, and that all jobs are always done correctly. 

While all our workers are properly insured, an injured worker is not only an inconvenience but is an event that can be avoided with proper planning.

What else did we excel in delivering to clients in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and the Southern regions of South Carolina? 

Value, Workmanship, and Cleanliness

With inflation moving steadily upwards and the economy having a rough time, value matters. While we can argue that the price matters, our clients have proven that value is better. 

Paying for work to be done properly with suitable materials means lower maintenance issues over time. There’s nothing worse than living with a job that’s poorly done. 

Understanding the value of delivering work that will last separates us from all our competitors in the local field. 

Workmanship Is About The Detail

The details matter when asking for professional contractors to complete a project around the home. The fact is, details around your home become apparent over time. 

That’s why our professionals ensure that every detail is seen too. And honestly, no detail is too small for us. This is how Contractors Exteriors has been able to achieve the success we have. 


As a homeowner, there’s nothing worse than dealing with a contractor’s literal mess. Often, workers will leave small pieces of plastic, scuff walls, and even ruin garden landscaping to get the job done. 

Cleanliness is a massive part of being respectful of someone’s home. We ensure that all our employees clean up as they work. They also make sure there are bins all over the job site. 

When completing any exterior home remodeling work, we always do three to four inspections around the property to ensure everything is clean. 

Also, a clean work environment is an efficient one. Contractors who waste time looking for the necessary tool are wasting your time and money. 

We always recommend clients check out a contractor’s vehicle to ensure that it is organized and clean. And if it isn’t, don’t hire them. 

Are You Ready to Book the Best Home Remodeling Service Today?

We want to thank all our amazing clients, and if you’re looking for more great work to be completed, you know who to call. 

Contractor Exterior promises to deliver the same high level of service on every single one of our projects, no matter how big or small.All our team members live and work in the local communities, and we strive to care for our neighbors in need. Now is also the best time to finance your home improvement project. We are offering incredibly low-interest rates and customers are able to build or replace their deck for under $300 per month!  Give us a call today for the best home remodeling service.

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