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7 Reasons You Won’t Regret Choosing the Best Vinyl Siding

May 11, 2020

Believe it or not, more than 90 percent of homeowners plan to renovate their homes at some point and for good reason: it’s the easiest way to make your house feel like a dream home.

If you’re planning a renovation project, you need to prioritize tasks to make sure you get the best value for your money and your time.

Replacing your home’s siding is one of the best investments you can make. It gives your home a facelift without forcing you to rip apart the interior or cope with long-term construction projects.

However, finding the right siding materials can be tough. Here are a few key reasons to install the best vinyl siding on your home’s exterior.

1. It’s Incredibly Durable

Most siding materials break down over time. After all, they’re constantly getting exposed to the elements and the sun’s harsh UV rays.

This frequent exposure causes siding materials like wood, aluminum, and even brick to fade and look worn.

Vinyl siding is one of the most durable options on the market today. It won’t fade even if it gets constant sun exposure for years on-end. Even better, it won’t start to warp or blister in humid environments.

The result is a siding that lasts for decades and looks just as good as the day you installed it years down the line. If the vinyl does fade or gets damaged, all you have to do is replace the damaged panel.

There’s no need to worry about constantly redoing the siding for your entire home.

2. Pests Won’t Find It Attractive

Unfortunately, pests are a major problem for most homeowners. This is because pests like roaches, termites, ants, and even mice all love to nest in damaged wood siding.

Though it’s possible to get rid of pests once they get inside, it’s often difficult to completely repair the damage they cause to your home.

Vinyl is one of the best ways to deter unwanted pests without forcing you to overly rely on toxic pesticides and insecticides. Pests aren’t tempted to chew through the siding and since it’s not able to warp or rot like wood or aluminum, they’ll find it harder to get inside your walls.

This can save you thousands on repairs and pest control treatments over the life of your home.

3. Vinyl Siding Is Low-Maintenance

All siding needs some maintenance to look great over the years, but some types require more maintenance than others. Wood often needs to get sanded down and repainted, aluminum rusts and discolors in humidity, and stucco cracks after long periods of sun exposure.

Those issues are relatively easy to repair, but they take time and they’re not always cheap.

Vinyl siding is one of the lowest maintenance materials out there. If it gets dirty, all you need to do is wash the dirt away. If it gets damaged, you can replace the damaged panel without disrupting the rest of the materials.

You’ll never have to worry about painting the siding or deal with costly repairs that eat away at your home maintenance budget.

4. Vinyl Is Eco-Friendly

When most people start examining vinyl siding pros and cons, one of the first things they tend to worry about is what happens to the panels after they get replaced. Vinyl doesn’t break down over time and while it used to get tossed in the landfill after it served its purpose, that’s no longer the case.

Modern vinyl siding is recyclable and can get repurposed into different building materials or reused in new siding.

Even better, it can help insulate your home against the changing weather conditions which will improve your home’s energy efficiency. The less your heating and cooling system has to work, the less energy you’ll use each month.

Ultimately, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your personal carbon footprint over the life of the siding.

5. The Siding Is Versatile

It’s rare for homes to have just one type of siding. This helps create texture and gives homeowners more freedom to play with colors and designs for their homes’ exteriors.

Installing vinyl siding on your home doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate other siding materials to add depth to the design. In fact, it integrates perfectly with just about any other material you can imagine.

It’s available in many different colors and textures so you can achieve the exact look you want without compromise.

6. The Best Vinyl Siding Boosts Your Home’s Value

If you plan on selling your home in the future, you’ll want to invest in improvements that increase your home’s value. Buyers actively look for homes that are in good condition and have features that require minimal work or effort to maintain.

Vinyl siding fits the bill perfectly. Not only does the vibrant color make your house look newer, longer, but it also makes your house more marketable.

The low maintenance requirements and exceptional durability will ultimately save the new homeowners money. The more marketable your home is, the more interested buyers you’ll find and the higher selling price you’ll be able to get.

7. It’s Affordable

Redoing the siding of your house is never cheap, but some materials always cost more than others. High-quality treated wood, brick, and natural stone can be some of the most expensive materials to buy and install.

Vinyl, on the other hand, is incredibly affordable. Even better, it’s easy to install so you’ll save money on the installation costs upfront. The more money you save, the more you’ll have to invest in other home improvements.

Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior Today

If you’re looking to make a huge difference in the way your home looks without investing in a full remodel, upgrading your siding is a great choice. It refreshes the exterior and improves the comfort of your home year-round when installed by a professional.

Just make sure you invest in the best vinyl siding for your property.

Ready to schedule a consultation or want to discuss your options? Don’t wait. Contact our team and let us help you find the best siding materials for your home and budget.

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