BBB Torch Award 2024: How Contract Exteriors Sets the Standard in Construction Excellence

May 29, 2024

In a significant industry acknowledgment, Contract Exteriors has been honored with the 2024 BBB Torch Award, a symbol of trust and integrity recognized by the Better Business Bureau. This accolade is awarded to businesses that consistently demonstrate exceptional ethical standards and superior customer service in their operations. Contract Exteriors, with its robust portfolio, has not only met but surpassed these criteria, thus redefining benchmarks for quality and ethical business practices within the construction sector.

Understanding the BBB Torch Award

The BBB Torch Award is revered as a benchmark for ethics and customer service across various industries. This prestigious award is given to companies that exhibit exemplary practices in transparency, fairness, and integrity. Winning this award signifies a company’s steadfast commitment to maintaining high standards in customer relations, operational ethics, and community involvement. It celebrates organizations that actively promote trust, honor their commitments, and support the community by setting examples of honesty and integrity.

Excellence in Craftsmanship and Ethical Standards

Contract Exteriors has become synonymous with excellence in craftsmanship. Their construction projects reflect a commitment to using only premium materials and cutting-edge techniques. The company’s operational philosophy centers on a meticulous approach to every detail of construction, ensuring both aesthetic and functional standards are top-tier.

  1. Innovative Building Techniques: Employing innovative construction methods is one of the cornerstones of Contract Exteriors. They are pioneers in adopting sustainable building practices and regularly update their methodologies to include the latest in eco-friendly and energy-saving technologies.
  2. Unparalleled Customer Service: At Contract Exteriors, customer service is not just about meeting expectations but exceeding them. The company prides itself on its proactive communication strategies, keeping clients fully informed throughout the construction process. This transparency helps alleviate customer concerns and fosters a strong sense of trust and loyalty.
  3. Rigorous Ethical Practices: Ethical considerations are woven into every facet of Contract Exteriors’ operations. From fair labor practices to honest billing methods, the company adheres strictly to ethical codes and standards, which have been crucial in their qualification for the BBB Torch Award.


We could not be happier with the beautiful eyebrow pergola just installed over the garage door! CE was great to work with every step of the way. Brooks and Trent on the project management side were incredibly responsive, and always went above and beyond with listening, confirming, handling concerns, and making sure we were comfortable – important when someone is drilling into unforgiving brick! Eugenia especially, but everyone in the office could not have been more helpful. Fernando and his crew did an awesome job – this was a great choice and we will be back for any future exterior needs 😃 – Nancy

The Contract Exteriors Team did an AMAZING job transforming our home’s exterior from Vinyl Siding to a combination of Hardie Board and Versetta Stone. Throughout the replacement process, the Project Manager (Brook’s) daily visits ensured we understood the next steps, answered any questions, and worked with the Siding Team. The Siding Team (Led by Mike Urrea) respected our property while carefully removing the old siding and meticulously installing the new siding. We are extremely pleased with the final look of our siding transformation and the professionalism of the Contract Exteriors’ Team… – Bill

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Community Engagement and Environmental Responsibility

Beyond their construction projects, Contract Exteriors is deeply engaged in community welfare and environmental sustainability initiatives. They participate in local and national programs aimed at building affordable housing and regularly contribute to disaster recovery efforts, showcasing their commitment to giving back to the community.

Their dedication to sustainability is evident in their strategic choice of materials and implementation of systems designed to minimize environmental impact, such as solar panels and green roofing solutions, which further exemplifies their leadership in responsible construction practices.

The recognition of Contract Exteriors with the 2024 BBB Torch Award is a testament to their unwavering dedication to upholding high standards of craftsmanship, customer care, and ethical business conduct. As a leader in the construction industry, Contract Exteriors continues to inspire with its commitment to excellence and integrity, making them a prime choice for anyone seeking dependable and ethical construction services.

To experience the exemplary services of Contract Exteriors, visit our website today. Explore detailed project portfolios, customer testimonials, and our wide range of services to understand why they are the deserved recipients of the 2024 BBB Torch Award. Whether you are planning a small renovation or a major construction project, Contract Exteriors stands ready to exceed your expectations with professionalism and integrity.

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