Best Deck Material Options for Your Myrtle Beach Home

September 2, 2022

Did you know that Myrtle Beach ranks as the 3rd most popular summer destination in the US?

One of the reasons for this is the beautiful weather Myrtle Beach experiences. If you own a home in Myrtle Beach, you definitely need a nice deck to relax on and take full advantage of the balmy climate. 

However, the same thing that makes Myrtle Beach a tropical paradise can also be bad news for decks. Myrtle Beach’s warm, damp climate means that you have to choose your decking material with care.

Not sure what the best deck material is for your Myrtle Beach home? 

Sit back and keep reading as we walk you through what to consider for your new deck. 

Composite Decking

In our experience, composite decking is one of the best deck material options for Myrtle Beach homes. And we’re not the only ones who are impressed with composite decking. Market reports show that the demand for composite decking is growing steadily every year. 

Here are some of the reasons why we recommend composite decking to our clients.  

Composite Decking Is Virtually Maintenance-Free and Can Stand Up to the Elements

One of the big benefits of composite decking is that it’s virtually maintenance-free. Unlike wood decking that needs refinishing and regular deck repairs, composite decks never need to be resealed or touched up. 

Composite decking is also a perfect choice for coastal properties. It is just about impervious to sun and salt and will stay looking good for years to come. 

All you have to do to keep your deck in pristine condition is give it a wash every few months to dislodge dirt and discourage mold growth from shaded areas. 

It’s Cheaper Than Similar Alternatives

Besides being very long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free, composite decking is also a more cost-effective choice than other similar options. 

For instance, PVC decking typically costs more than composite decking. However, composite decking can last almost as long and is more resistant to high temperatures. 

In comparison to wood decking, composite planks can cost either more or less depending on the specific wood specifies. Hardwood planks will likely cost more than composite, but softwood will usually come in a little cheaper.

However, given the extensive upkeep that wood decking requires, composite decking will almost always work out cheaper in the long run. Refinishing a deck is a big job, and most homeowners prefer to outsource the task to a contractor. Having a contractor come in every few years to reseal or repaint a wood deck can get expensive fast. 

Composite Decking Comes in a Range of Attractive Color Choices

Another advantage of composite decking is that it comes in a wide range of attractive color options. 

No matter the style of your home, you’re sure to be able to find a composite decking product that features exactly the right color or wood finish look. 

Now that we’ve gone over some of the advantages of composite decking, here’s a breakdown of how capped vs uncapped composite planks compare. 

Uncapped Composite

Composite decking comes in two varieties, capped and uncapped.

Composite deck materials are made from a mixture of wood pulp and polymers. This gives uncapped composite a very realistic wood look.

However, uncapped composite is not the most long-lasting choice. Unlike your internet connection, you definitely don’t want uncapped when it comes to composite planks. 

Uncapped composite planks are more resistant to moisture, rot, and pests than wood decking planks. Composite planks are also highly resistant to extreme temperature swings. 

The main drawback of uncapped composite products is they are vulnerable to staining and fading. This is why we advise our clients to opt for capped composite. 

Capped Composite

Premium composite decking ticks all the boxes. Not only is it more resistant to rot, moisture, and pests than real wood, but it’s also better than PVC at handling temperature swings and resisting scratches. 

To top it all off, capped composite comes in cheaper than capped PVC and most hardwood. If you want a virtually maintenance-free deck that will stay free of stains and fading for years to come, at a medium price point, capped composite is the best deck material to choose.

Our Capped Composite Recommendation: The TimberTech Vintage Collection

If you’re looking for the best composite product for your Myrtle Beach home deck, we’d recommend the TimberTech vintage collection. TimberTech is a leading brand of capped composite products. The vintage collection features a perfect range of colors to achieve a coastline aesthetic, and all of the options look great on Myrtle Beach home decks.

This designer collection is highly color-blended and features a wire-brushed finish. With complex lowlights and highlights, the planks offer a highly realistic aesthetic with a low-gloss finish treatment. 

The end result is a sophisticated and deceptively realistic wood look. The Timbertech Vintage Collection mimics the beauty of natural wood, minus all of the costly and time-consuming upkeep. 

Besides looking just like real wood, the Vintage Collection ranks as a Class A on the fire spread index, meaning this range is the ultimate choice for minimizing the spread of an active fire. 

Within the TimberTech Vintage Collection, you can choose between the following five attractive color options:

  • Coastline
  • Mahogany
  • Weathered teak
  • Dark hickory
  • English Walnut

Besides these color choices, you also have the option of three different plank widths. This allows for seamless integration with just about any exterior design plan. 

The TimberTech Vintage Collection not only looks good, but it feels great underfoot, no matter the weather. TimberTech products can stay up to 30 degrees cooler than other similar products. 

The Vintage Collection also offers superior mold and moisture resistance and offers up to 40% better slip resistance. The proprietory Alloy Armour Technology® (AAT) blend gives this range of TimberTech planks improved performance features, including rock-solid UV protection, weather protection, colorfastness, and resistance to scratching. 

Looking for the Best Deck Material? We Can Help

Overall, we think the TimberTech Vintage Collection as the best deck material for Myrtle Beach. Not only can this composite decking material withstand our coastal climate, but it also requires very little maintenance. 

Here at Contract Exteriors, we have extensive experience installing Myrtle Beach home decks, are a certified Timbertech decking installer, and can get your decking project started for under $300 per month with our incredible financing optionsContact us today to schedule an estimate.

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