Dress up Your Deck: The Best Deck Railing Ideas With Long-Lasting Appeal

May 10, 2020

Are you interested in adding deck railings to the deck that you’ve built? Perhaps you’re looking for extra security for the kids in your family. Maybe you just need a bit more decoration on the front or back of your home to set the vibe.

Whatever the case might be, adding a beautiful deck railing can make all the difference.

In fact, there are so many different designs to choose from, so you can be sure to find a style that you love. 

Here are several deck railing ideas for you to pick. Consider all of the options listed and how they might fit in your plans.

1. Glass-Filled Railing

If you’ve got a deck with a view, then you want to flaunt that view, not hide it behind several horizontal or vertical rails.

For those of you with a community of hills, skyscrapers, or nature behind you, the railing merely becomes a security feature. You want something that adds a luxurious vibe but doesn’t stand in the way of the sights and sounds.

Glass-infilled deck railings are the perfect fit for those situations. They give off a higher level of sophistication that blends beautifully with a backyard pool as well.

Better yet, you can place some LED smart lighting inside of them and control the accent color of your rails to set the mood each night!

2. Wood-Metal Combo Railings

Perhaps no better couple exists in this world than the combination of wood and metal in deck railing. 

It’s such a classic look that will fit perfectly with any backyard aesthetic you’re trying to set up. Better yet, it provides a different look that the all-wood deck railings that your neighbors have installed.

Instead of placing vertical wood slats to hold the railings in place, use your preferred color of metal to set the tone. 

Not only will it provide a one-two punch, but the metal will require less upkeep by not needing to be refinished. The metal will also hinder less of the view below where your deck rails are hanging.

To find a perfect deck and deck railings combination, be sure to reach out to a trusted deck designer for input.

3. Stainless Steel Railing

Some of you out there are looking for a cross between an urban and futuristic vibe for the deck railings you use.

If that’s the case then you can’t go wrong with using stainless steel cables as the railing. Let the stainless steel cables infuse with the stained wood columns and top rail for a design that is entirely unique. 

This style looks really good on a gazebo porch, offering a simplistic style that makes the deck feel less cramped than your traditional deck. 

Stainless steel cables are also a perfect fit for any bench seating you might have along your deck and offers maximum visibility for the space beyond your deck.

4. Deck Seating Along the Rails

Every homeowner is looking to solve the issue of maximizing space with the deck that they build.

The deck might look roomy at first, but as soon as you start to put things on it, that space diminishes pretty fast. Between placing things like a table, chairs, and a grill on it, all that square footage is used up before you know it.

There is one way to kill two birds with one stone, however. While installing your deck railing, consider building a bench along the side of it. That way, you’ll have room enough for the entire gang to sit and relax.

You might even alleviate the need to pay for extra porch seating after the deck is built.

Simply move that patio table to the corner of your deck and you’ve got yourself a modified booth-style seating arrangement for budget-friendly cookouts.

One thing to consider, however, is that kids might be tempted to climb said deck benches. So take the height of your deck into consideration before making this call.

5. Grid Metal Railing

If you’ve ever been to a nature preserve or luxurious Airbnb cabin, then you’re familiar with the beautiful design of a grid metal railing.

The best part of using this railing is the lack of space that they consume. They only require an inch or two of your deck, nothing more.

Not to mention that they can be painted into whatever color your heart desires, and won’t need to be refinished like a wood deck railing. Simply use non-corrosive metals such as stainless steel or aluminum to ensure your railing is prepped for the elements!

6. Identical Railings and Window Casings

Nothing is more aesthetically-pleasing to a home decor expert than a matching set of window casings and railing.

Depending on the color of your home’s exterior, a white railing might be all you need to complete the comfy home look you’ve been searching for.

Better yet, you can achieve that railing with a number of different materials. You can use vinyl, wood, or PVC-coated composites. Choose the right material to match your budget for this deck railing project!

Use These Deck Railing Ideas to Your Advantage!

Now that you’ve seen all the different deck railing ideas, it’s time to incorporate them into your deck railing needs.

Be sure to read this article on how to make sure your deck is safe for your family. It will give you more information on protecting your kids from a potential hazard.

To get started, please visit our get a quote page and we’ll be happy to help you in any way that we can!

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