How To Maintain Your Home’s Beautiful Exterior In 2019

January 31, 2019

It may seem hard to believe, but we are almost finished with the first month of 2019. That’s right, February is right around the corner. While most of us look forward to warmer weather and try to get through winter as quickly as possible, it’s still important to keep an eye out for a few things during this time of year as far as your home is concerned. Actually, it’s important to look for several things during every season of the year. Contract Exteriors is here to provide a few tips on how to maintain your home’s beautiful exterior year round in 2019, aside from planting flowers in the Spring!

Winter’s Chill

Most of the United States has really been feeling the sting of Winter over the past few days. In the Midwest, some states are seeing temperatures of -55 Fahrenheit with the wind chill! While most of us here in North Carolina and South Carolina can’t even fathom temperatures that low, our homes are still affected by this season. One thing we recommend doing this time of team is to keep your gutters clean. Also, trim your trees and remove dead branches so that they do not (1) fall onto your roof and cause damage or (2) break off because of ice and wind. Lastly, invest in weather stripping to help keep the warm air in and cold air out of your home.

Spring Into Spring

April showers certainly bring May flowers! The 2nd quarter of the year is the PERFECT time to spruce up your yard. Reseed your lawn to help bring it back to life. Plant flowers and provide them with plenty of water. If you have a brown thumb, there are plenty of videos on YouTube that will be of use. Check all windows and doors to make sure they are functioning correctly.

In The Summertime

Ah yes, everyone’s favorite time of year! Sometimes our chores around the house take a backseat to a trip to the beach or a few drinks around the pool. It happens. There are a few things we recommend doing that won’t take a whole lot of time and will keep your house looking sharp through these warm months. One thing is to reverse the setting on your ceiling fans to counterclockwise…wait, what? That’s right! Fans actually have two settings. The counterclockwise setting is perfect for the summer because the blades push the air down, creating a cool breeze. Keep in mind that you will also have to provide your plants with extra water, so turn on your sprinklers. Summer is also a great time to repair your porch or deck. If you deck is in poor shape and you are in need of a new one, Contract Exteriors can certainly build a beautiful deck that will make your neighbors jealous!

Fall Back

The weather has cooled off considerably and we can now breathe comfortably outside again! Fall is certainly a wonderful time of year here in the Carolinas, and we do not take it for granted. Now that the kids are back in school and your summer house guests are gone, you will finally have some time to take care of your home again. We recommend cleaning your gutters and downspouts every month or so to ensure smooth drainage off of your roof. If there is a build-up of water, that’s when issues can arise.

Year Round To Do List

Aside from quarterly maintenance, here are a few things to tackle throughout the year:

  • Change your air filters monthly. Put an alert on your phone to swap these out on the 1st of every month. Clean air prevents your HVAC unit from working too hard, which in turn lowers your electric bill.
  • Check your roof. If you feel comfortable doing it, talk a walk along your roof to check for loose shingles or other issues. Contact Contract Exteriors if you would prefer a professional doing so.
  • Inspect your windows for broken glass or damaged screens. You want to make sure that your HVAC unit doesn’t have to work harder than it has to.

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