Outdoor Christmas Lighting Tips

November 29, 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s time to deck the halls and be holly & jolly over the next month in the spirit of Christmas. Before you begin your exterior illumination this year, be sure to check out a few of our outdoor Christmas lighting tips below to save you both time and energy this holiday season!

Waterproof Lights Are Key

If you are starting from scratch this year when it comes to Christmas decorations, keep an eye out for waterproof lights. There are tons and tons of different lights to choose from, but you want to mark sure you get the ones with a tag marked UL (underwriters lab). This just means that the lights meet industry standards of the American National Standards Institute. Also check to see if they are rated for outdoor use. This will save you from headaches in the future.

Check It Twice

Whether you are examining your lightbulbs, setting up a ladder or plugging in your inflatable Grinch, double check everything for safety sake. There’s nothing worse than getting your lights set up to realize that you have a strand out. Make sure that your ladder is placed on a flat surface or that you have an extra person holding it so that you can prevent an accident. It’s definitely better to be safe, than sorry, especially this time of year.

Use A Proper Outlet

Again, safety first when hanging Christmas lights! Your primary source of power should be derived from a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet. This type of outlet will shut the circuit down if there is an overcurrent. You do not want sparks to fly this holiday, so speak with your local electrician or pick up a portable unit for under $20.

The Lights Are Hung…Almost

So you’ve picked out your lights and got everything nice and secure, so it’s time to hang your lights! We recommend laying everything out the way you want to hang them, so that you can simply just go down your roof line and hang them strand by strand. To protect your roof, avoid the staple gun. You aren’t Clark Griswold and you definitely do not want to damage your roof. Your best bet is to purchase a box of plastic light clips. These clips will secure your lights to your gutters or shingles safely. Once your lights, inflatables and nativity are all set up and looking magical, take a few pictures. Not only of your house as a whole, but also close ups of your extension cords and plugs. Print them out and stash them in your holiday bins. That way, next year when you start your exterior illumination process, you know exactly where everything goes! VOILA!

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