Prepare Your Roof For Hurricane Season

July 31, 2018

Hurricane season begins June 1st and runs through the end of September, but everyone in the Carolinas knows that right now is the time to keep a lookout for the big storms. Over the past few years, we have had multiple encounters with hurricanes and tropical storms in both North Carolina and South Carolina, so it’s same to assume that we will have to prepare for more severe activity this year. As with everything in life, it’s important to be prepared. Since your home is your most important investment, it’s even more vital to be sure that your roof is in tact when high winds and damaging rain comes along. Contract Exteriors, your local roofing expert, is here to provide you with a few tips on how to prepare your roof your hurricane season.

Study The Storm

To prepare for a storm, you need to be aware of what is coming. Hurricanes and tropical storms cause torrential downpours, flash flooding, damaging winds and flying debris that can seriously damage your home. From broken windows and doors to caved-in roofs, you have to be prepared for the worst. With technology, we can literally watch local meteorologists discuss potential hurricanes a week or two before they are set to hit on our cellphones in real time from wherever we are. Sure, hurricanes can change paths at any given point in time, but it’s still vital to stay informed.

Schedule A Roof Inspection

Now is the perfect time to hire a roofing professional like Contract Exteriors to come out to your home to inspect your roof for any damage. We will be able to discover any potential weak spots on your roof that could lead to future damage. We will make sure that your roof and your home are ready to take on any storm.

Routine Maintenance & Walkthroughs

After your roofing contractor does an inspection, it’s going to be your job to keep an eye on your home. Check the attic on occasion to ensure that there are no leaks, water stains or mold growth in humid areas. We also recommend trimming trees around your home that have dead branches that could break off and cause damage during the next big storm. There are plenty of local companies who can aid you with this task if you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself.

If you live in or around Myrtle Beach, SC, Hilton Head, SC, Charleston, SC, Wilmington, NC or Raleigh, NC and are in need of a professional roofing company, please give Contract Exteriors a call. We will be more than happy to help!

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