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Qualifying Your Myrtle Beach Contractor With Ease

September 12, 2017

Hiring a Myrtle Beach contractor for your home improvement project can be a very scary and risky task. If you’re new to the game – and most are – then maybe you’re wondering where to even begin. How do I find a qualified local contractor?

Vetting any business professional is a detailed job and you must not leave out any of those details, or it could be costly. You can always find a contractor that looks good on paper, has great online reviews, which, by the way, can be bought, but those good looking paper contractors could end up breaking your heart and wallet.

Speaking of paper, let’s talk about the most important pieces of paper you’ll need to see before hiring your contractor.

Let’s See Your Hand, Sir…

There are two main documents you need to ask for when speaking with potential contractors.

  1. Business License – This one seems pretty straight forward but you’d be surprised at how many contractors try to slip through without one. This document needs to list their registered business entity name, address of where they conduct business, and what kind of contractor they are. The key thing to look for is that they’ve been established and actively working under the same business name for at least five years.
  2. Insurance – Most size-able contractors won’t carry less than $500,000 and usually around $1,000,000 of coverage. The key thing to take away here is if the contractor’s policy. Potential damages are not covered, they will be personally liable. However, if they cannot cover the damages themselves, you will have zero legal recourse and most likely end up paying that bill on your own.

Vet ‘Em So You Don’t Forget ‘Em

Another great resource at your disposal is your county clerk. The free of charge call double checks the contractors name to make sure they’re a properly qualified local contractor.

By properly vetting your contractor, you’ll save yourself much time, money, and possible headaches. It’s your investment – protect it.

There are a lot of unqualified and improperly licensed contractors out there just waiting to catch a sucker. Don’t be that sucker. It’s easily avoidable by doing your homework! You can also help yourself by checking out our “Contractor Standards Guide, below!

~ Premeditated Excellence

Randy Hann

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