Quality Vs. Experience

March 27, 2018

Too many people in life focus on the wrong things; they focus on an item or an instance instead of the WHY” behind it.  What separates us in life and business are those who are able to look and determine it’s “WHY”.  

Quality of a Project

While understanding the “WHY”, you find what causes each item or instance to react in a certain way.  In the construction industry, most people look at quality to determine the success of a project or a company.  While the quality of a project is important, companies cannot achieve any level of quality unless they start with a plan in mind, or the “WHY”.  With a plan, they must determine how they are going to achieve the level of quality for their customer.

Without understanding the stress projects often have on customers, companies can never fully achieve the levels of quality customers are looking for.  Most companies can produce a level of quality pleasing to the eye, but they miss the mark because they forget about the emotion involved. Each and every one of us deals with our emotions daily.  Some emotions bring joy, some bring anger and some may bring depression. In the end, it’s our emotions that make us human.

Customer Experience

If a business forgets to focus on the emotions experienced from a remodeling project, then the quality they achieve is only on the surface.  To achieve a true level of quality, a business must make their customer’s EXPERIENCE the “WHY” in order to deliver the quality all customers are looking for.

We have enough stress in our lives, so when you are considering hiring a contractor to work on your home, avoid the stress and ask less questions about their quality and focus more on the EXPERIENCE they want to give you.

Siding, Roofing & Decking Awards & Accolades

Contract Exteriors believes their Customer’s Experience is the ultimate goal on every project.  This is why they have created a Customer Experience Department. The goal of this department is to ensure that every customer has the EXPERIENCE that leads to a quality project – not just visual quality.  Since the creation of this department, Contract Exteriors has won multiple customer satisfaction awards, including the James Hardie Customer Excellence Award, the Certified Contractor Networks Guild Quality Customer Excellence Award, as well as being a Guild Quality Guildmaster Award winner.

Contract Exteriors is located throughout the Carolinas with locations in Raleigh, Wilmington, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and Hilton Head.  To learn more about this department, contact Contract Exteriors at www.contractexteriors.com.

Randy Hann
Contract Exteriors

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