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Ready for a Refresh: 7 Deck Designs That Will Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

May 9, 2020

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your outdoor space, a gorgeous deck is a fantastic place to start.

From casual cookouts to relaxing with a good book, your deck can literally transform your outdoor living space to make it unique to your lifestyle.

Read on for a list of seven incredible deck designs that will increase the beauty and functionality of your home.

1. Create a Beautiful Deck with Decorative Tile

Wood has long been the standard material for decks, but installing tile can take things up a notch. Look for tile that adds a pop of color to your outdoor space, or pick out something made of a classic, solid-colored stone.

Make sure you’re opting for tile that can handle heavy foot traffic and a lot of wear and tear. With the right materials, a tiled deck is a gorgeous way to enjoy the outside with a luxurious touch.

Colored tile looks stunning around a pool area, while patterned tile on the back deck adds a fun aesthetic. Explore the different types of outdoor tiles available to help your deck stand out.

2. Gather Round with a Fire Feature

When it comes to creative deck designs, you can never go wrong with an inviting fire pit. You can have the fire pit built into your deck, or add one nearby for everyone to enjoy.

An integrated fire pit can make hanging out during the chilly evening hours a fun affair. Look for other fire features like outdoor fireplaces, too.

Outdoor fire pits can run on propane, natural gas, or they can be wood-burning. Talk to a professional decking contractor to make sure you choose a fire feature that’s not just beautiful, but also safe.

3. Deck Design: Add Deck Railings for Safety and Beauty

If you want to take things up a notch, consider installing deck railings. Not only do railings add architectural interest, but they’re also a good choice to make spending time out on the deck safer.

Deck railings can be made from a variety of materials including wood, composite, vinyl, and aluminum. Choose a railing that will complement the finish of your deck for a seamless look.

Have fun when choosing deck railings and try something that will enhance the style of your home. Rails are particularly important if you have children or you’re older and concerned about safety.

4. Upgrade to Composite

Wood is the most commonly used material to build decks, but composite is a fantastic alternative that offers a much longer lifespan. Composite decks come in a range of colors, and they don’t require staining or refinishing.

Unlike wood, composite will never rot, crack, or peel. Although this material may cost you more upfront, it’s worth the investment thanks to its easy maintenance and durability.

If you’re looking for beautiful deck ideas, you can’t go wrong with composite. This highly versatile material is built to last, and with so many options, you’ll love the way it looks once it’s installed.

5. Enjoy Relaxing with Built-In Seating

One creative deck design that adds convenience is to install built-in benches or other seating for a quick place to relax and entertain. With this built-in seating, you won’t need to worry about moving or storing extra furniture.

Top your deck benches with comfortable outdoor cushions in your choice of color. If you get tired of a particular pattern or hue, you can always change it anytime you want.

Having seating already built into your deck will inspire you to spend more time outdoors. You’ll also save money on outdoor furniture since this seating will stay put and remain a part of your deck throughout the seasons.

6. Extend Your Deck Around the Pool

If you have a pool in your backyard, consider extending the deck to surround the entire area around it. You can also have the deck built up to create a border all the way around the edges of your pool to create a seamless look.

When you expand the footprint of your deck, you create a more livable outdoor space. From a tanning area to a conversation seating arrangement, this extension will give you more room to enjoy the great outdoors.

If you really want to make an impact, consider having your new deck featured in two different colors. This two-toned look will define the pool area and give this space a modern touch.

7. Brighten Things Up with Lighting

Lighting is a great way to enjoy your new deck design at night. If your deck has stairs, consider installing some lights on the staircase for additional safety.

When you add outdoor lighting, it will create an inviting atmosphere. These lights can be built into the floor of your deck to provide a clear pathway when the sun goes down.

Look for new designs in outdoor lighting that will encourage you to try something unique. Any form of light you can add to your deck will give it a beautiful glow all year long.

Experience the Beauty of Deck Designs

Whether it’s installing deck railings or opting for a fire feature, try some of these creative deck designs to help you enjoy your outdoor space. A beautiful deck can add value to your home, and it also makes spending time outside a memorable, relaxing experience.

Explore the new developments in creative deck ideas like integrated lighting and composite materials.

For more information about our services and to find out how to get your new deck installed, visit our website or contact us today!

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