Replacement Windows: When to Replace Windows In Your Charleston Home

June 16, 2020

Heat gained or lost through your home’s windows is responsible for about 30 percent of heating and cooling energy expenditure. If you hope to minimize this energy usage, you should either consider updating your current windows or replace them altogether. Most homeowners are at a loss on the best time to conduct a replacement of their windows.

With windows, you’ll get specific tale-tell signs over time that should prepare you for an impending replacement. If you’ve been wondering when to replace windows in your home, worry no more. This article provides you with all the information you might need on the best time to replace windows.

When to Replace Windows

First, impressions are everything. Windows can be a perfect way to enhance the exteriors of your home. This is on top of protecting you from common weather elements such as wind and rain.

Replacing your old windows can also be the first step towards an enhanced curb appeal for your home. However, most times, you might not be sure about your judgment on whether to replace or update.

This simple guide can help you determine when to replace windows.

Increase in Energy Costs

How’s your current monthly energy bill compared to other periods in the past? If your furnace has to work overtime to compensate for those drafty windows, then it might be time to consider a replacement. High energy bills are the surest indicator that your windows might have seen better days.

Windows gradually begin to let in cold air and warm air out of the home with age. When this happens, your air conditioner has to work extra hard to regulate your home’s temperature. The consequence of this energy inefficiency will be a significant dent on your pocket.

You might need to consider all the energy and money you’ll throw down the drain if you don’t act soon. If your energy usage is over the roof lately, then it might be time to consider replacing your windows.

If You Still Own Single Pane Windows

Times are changing, and new discoveries now exist on window efficiency. Does your home still have single-pane windows? Well, modern window replacing companies consider single pane windows as an unnecessary liability.

Single pane windows also don’t offer insulation against noise.

If your home still has single-pane windows, then it might be time to consider a move to more efficient options.

Poor Window Functionality

Ordinarily, windows should open and close with ease. However, if in recent times, opening and closing your windows has become a workout routine where force is necessary, it might be time to replace. Window replacement is often the best solution in case of a recurrence of reduced functionality.

Windows provide an aspect of protection against external intrusion. If you’re no longer sure about the functionality of your windows, it might be essential to consider an urgent replacement.

If the Outside Noise Is an Irritant

We all love to hear the birds chirp in the morning, albeit in the background. Even so, if the noise from outside no longer gives you peace, you might reconsider the usefulness of your current windows. Old fashioned types of windows had this underlying failure to offer sound insulation.

If you can’t take the noise coming from the outside anymore, you might consider new soundproofed options. You only need to consider expert advice on how to install soundproof windows, and you’ll be good to go.

If You Notice Condensation Build up in Between Glass Layers

Windows tend to develop frosting in between the layers of glass when the seals fail. Other times, this might be a result of cracked window glass, which allows air in between the glass panes.

Once the seals fail, it becomes hard to contain the insulating gas. With such underlying defects, it might be hard to ensure energy efficiency.

This could be the surest indicator that you need to consider replacement soon. With qualified personnel, you can replace such windows and address the issue of condensation build-up.

Decaying Frames

Nothing creates an eyesore on your home’s exterior than decaying window frames. However, the problem is that even high-quality window frames eventually decay. If you begin to notice decaying window frames, it might be a sign of tough times ahead.

Most times, decay occurs due to the accumulation of moisture and dampness. Once the frame begins to rot, and the mold accumulates, it might be essential to consider an urgent replacement.

Such signs of decay and mold may become a safety hazard in the long-haul.  The sooner you consider replacement, the better.

In Case of Visible Damages

Your windows shield you from constant weather elements during varying weather seasons. But in doing so, they end up exposed to the risk of rain, wind, or sun rays. If you begin to notice visible damages to your windows such as cracks or warping, it might not be long before you spend money on urgent replacement.

If your windows have visible damages that may affect standard functionality, then you need to call in replacement experts soon. Cracked or deformed windows might compromise the ability to ensure ventilation, airflow, and light into your home. Acting first can be a solution to avoid any underlying risk to further damages.

To Replace or to Repair?

You might grapple with this common question once the first signs of problems with your windows start to show. Well, while repairs might seem like a viable solution, they’re temporal. You’ll only spend more costs on repairs and postpone a decision that you’ll have to make in the long-haul.

Given a choice between replacement and repair, experts argue that it would help to consider an overhaul of your windows.  Replacing windows early can save you the burden of future emergencies and extra costs.

Choose a Window Replacement Company in Charleston You Can Trust

Window replacement is a huge undertaking. You might need to be ready financially to take up this project.

If you’ve been wondering when to replace windows, then these tell-tale signs should help you make that all-important decision. Once you determine that your windows need replacement, you then need to only work with the most qualified and trusted companies.

At Contract Exteriors, your satisfaction is our priority. You can get tips for replacing windows from our experts as you prepare to undertake an overhaul.

Are you looking for a window replacement expert around Charleston? Contact us for the best deals.

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