Durable South Carolina Vinyl Siding Installation

The experienced team at Contract Exteriors is here to help you select the best siding option for your home and your budget. Regardless of your style and color preferences, we’ve got something to fit your needs. Our professional contractors install a variety of durable and low-maintenance siding styles from the nation’s leading manufacturers. Find out how we can help you by getting your free quote!

A Commitment to Quality...

Independent certification through the Vinyl Siding Institute demonstrates our commitment to utilizing the vinyl industry’s best practices.

Give Your Home A Long Lasting Facelift

Vinyl siding, made primarily from PVC resins, stands out for its affordability and stands up to moisture, mold and mildew growth and damage. We like this product, along with many of our clients, because it’s long-lasting, despite extreme exposure to heat and the coastal elements, and saves you money.

Zero maintenance is required, which is a beautiful thing. But beauty and style are also crafted into the overall look of vinyl siding, which:

  • Can look as good as real wood shingles and shakes
  • Is available in plenty of styles and a rainbow of colors
  • Can come in thicker options, for improved rigidity and greater impact resistance

The overall impression created by new siding is as much about trim details as it is the siding itself. In a truly professional installation, the corner trim, J-channels, soffit panels, gutters and downspouts are all compatible and complement each other. Compatibly colored caulks and sealants are also used. Make sure to discuss these details, along with your siding choices, when planning your new siding installation with one of our professional, personable consultants at Contract Exteriors.

Benefits of Vinyl Siding for Your Home

The first impression of your home has everything to do with its siding. Not only is the right siding important to your home’s curb appeal, but siding can also protect your home from weather and help lower your energy bills. Our siding experts can help you decide which siding is right for you based on style, color, durability, upkeep, and price. We are proud to be the home exterior construction company that homeowners turn to in the Carolinas.

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