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Avoid the Home Improvement Storm Chasers

August 5, 2020

The door-knocking starts within days of the storms passing…then the postcards and mailers start to show up in your mailbox, all offering you some way to get a FREE roof!

While some of these are legitimate companies operating in our local areas, the majority are “Storm Chasers”. The term Storm Chasers typically refers to those that insert themselves in severe weather situations for science or thrills. However, in this case, Storm Chasers are roofing contractors who follow in the wake of severe weather incidents with hopes of doing a lot of work, and usually very quickly. They complete a rush job on the roof, and within a few years, it begins to fail. 

The storm chasers have no incentive to produce high-quality work, and there’s really no way for them to be held accountable because they will be gone by the time a problem arises. The best way to avoid a storm chaser is to do your own research.

What to Look for To Avoid a Storm Chaser:

  • Check the license plate the company representative is driving.
    If the plate is from another state chances are they are not local people so they won’t be there for you if there’s a problem after the work is finished.
  • If they are from out of the area, how far out are they, and how long have they been in business in that area?
    Workmanship warranties only work if the workmen are available, and still in business to do follow-up care.
  • Make sure that any roofing contractor you engage has been properly licensed and that their license is current.
    Require that their insurance is also current. Ask to see their license, as well as certificates of workmen’s compensation and liability insurance. This protects you should a mishap happen during the roofing process.
  • Research the roofing company.
    Have they been in business for any length of time? Do they have local references from before the storm (and not just for right after the last storm occurred)?
  • Many will come to your door and try to get you to sign with them immediately.
    Their quote will be vague when it comes to the scope of work and the products used.
  • They may also use high-pressure sales tactics and won’t take no for an answer.
    Going so far as to offer you a ‘Free’ roof, or give you some other offer as a way around paying your deductible.

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