How To Hang Christmas Lights Without Damaging The Roof

November 28, 2017

Approximately 15,000 injuries are reported every November and December each year related to exterior illumination. Typically after we carve the turkey and shop ’til we drop we are ready to trim the tree and hang Christmas lights. With Christmas only a few weeks away, this is the prime time to be doing just that. Nobody wants to spend the holidays in the hospital, so Contract Exteriors is here to provide a few tips on how to stay safe all without damaging the roof.

Up The Ladder

Climbing large ladders can be extremely dangerous. Accidents can happen by using a ladder incorrectly or by choosing the incorrect one for the job at hand. When using a ladder, make sure to have someone with you at all times just in case. Ladder injuries can be prevented by using some common sense.

Avoid Damaging The Roof

Depending on the type of house that you have, hanging Christmas lights can be completed without stepping foot on your roof. Loose shingles or tiles can cause accidents, as well as icy or wet conditions. The best way to hang your lights is by stringing them through the plastic clips you can buy at your local big box store and attaching them to your shingles or gutters. Those clips are designed to help you easily install and remove the lights from your home. With that being said, make sure you avoid pulling the lights to remove them from the clips. You can cause damage to the shingles that you have attached the lights to or the lights themselves.

Check Your Lights

Be sure to go through all of your lights and look for damaged bulbs or frayed wires. The only thing worse than a light or string of lights going out is a fire…and that’s what can potentially happen to your home. Inspect all lights both inside and outside of your home.

We hope you enjoy the holidays without having to make a trip to the hospital! If you need anything from us, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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