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Is Opening A Dialogue With Your Contractor Like Pulling Teeth?

September 12, 2017

You’ve found that perfect contractor; they’re aligned with all those vacation home visions you’ve been desperately wanting to do for years. You’re also well within your budget, found a contractor who has amazing reviews, and possesses all the proper licenses.

So, now you’re all ready to go and let them get to work! You trust they’ll do the best job possible. 

After all, they have a five star rating, right

But how do you really know what’s being accomplished?

We’re Working Very Hard, Mr. Smith…

They may say it, but can they SHOW it?! It’s very easy for a contractor to look good behind a telephone line. Have they done any work at all? 

As the homeowner, you’ve laid down your expectations of what is to be done each day.

Have they met those expectations? Most contractors do not have open dialogue with their customers when speaking about the progress of their project. This can be very frustrating not knowing what’s exactly happening while you’re away.

At Contract Exteriors, we love communicating with our clients by providing them with real-time updates and pictures to show the actual progress of each of our projects.

We supply all of our clients with a password protected “client login” page where they can log in whenever they’d like to see the updates. Providing an open dialogue with our clients gives them the peace of mind, knowing their project is coming together as planned and if any necessary changes need to be made, they can let us know immediately.

It allows us to do the best job possible with the fewest interruptions.


Feeling Unsure? We Can Help

Are you in the middle of a big project and your contractor just isn’t cutting it? Do you find yourself constantly calling them for updates? These are very common concerns.

We’re here to wash away those concerns and help build your next dream project.

We’d love to earn your trust!! Fill out the contact form below for a quote on your next big home improvement project!


~ Premeditated Excellence

Randy Hann

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