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Spring Cleaning: Fixing Roofing, Siding & Decking Issues

February 28, 2019

Get on top of your spring cleaning this year by making sure your roof, siding, and deck are all ready to brave the upcoming April showers. It is important to check all of these things beforehand in order to fix any problems that might have went unnoticed through the last season. Although we all dread the need to clean before spring, it usually helps in the long run.

This past hurricane season took the Myrtle Beach area by surprise. Hurricane Florence alone devastated North Carolina, South Carolina, as well as many other neighboring states causing up to $22 billion in damage. A lot of this damage occurred in our backyard. Horry County was drastically affected as many homes were destroyed, neighborhoods were ruined, and some businesses wrecked as well. Following that was the winter seasons which came with cold and windy days, sometimes including rain. All of these aspects can play a part into how your home and business could have been affected. Although it might not vividly appear on the face of your home or business, it could have internally damaged something causing these next spring months, filled with anticipated rain, to result in further damages to your roof, deck, or siding.


During past seasons and storms, shingles could have easily been ripped off due to intense wind and rain. If this is the case, it can allow for a leak to become present within your roof. If a leak is in your roof, it is very possible that it can cause catastrophic damage on your home including structural damage, mold or mildew, or even a roof collapse. It is important to check for any shingles that could have possibly been missing due to past weather conditions.

It is important to inspect your roof both externally and internally to make sure nothing is visibly wrong. After externally checking your roof, it is a good idea to head inside and take a look in your attic and on the ceiling to check to see if there are any obvious water spots. A water spot can indicate that there is a leak within your roof or piping. It is important to check for these damages as they can result in major damage if the go unnoticed for a long time.


As the springtime approaches, decks are commonly used by friends and family to host events like barbeques, dinners, or get togethers. The idea of a deck is to be able to enjoy nice weather at the comfort of your own home.

Just like a roof, your deck could potentially could have underwent damage over the previous winter months. Intense rain can cause for decks to rot. Rotting can be visible or invisible depending on where the rotting is occurring. It is important to make sure to take a look under your deck to ensure that there is no rotting that is not immediately visible. To ensure that you can enjoy barbeques and kick backs on your deck, make sure that everything is sturdy and ready to go.


Siding is used to protect the outside of your home as well as make it aesthetically pleasing to look at. As mentioned above, obviously winter and hurricane winds can affect your siding. It is very common that through the intense winds of hurricanes and such, that panels of your siding have fallen off or become cracked. In the event that your house doesn’t have siding, it can possible cause rotting of the structure of the home and not to mention, mess up the aesthetic. If you are missing a piece of siding or if you want a new look for your home, contact us as we are licensed and insured to install any of your siding needs.

As for the aesthetically pleasing part, if you want a new makeover or look of your new home, we are able to help you install new siding. Contract Exteriors is trained and specialized in installing vinyl and fiber cement siding to ensure you with the most dependable service around.

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