What Decking Material Should You Be Using?

October 25, 2021

For years decks have been popular, in fact, it is estimated that at least 23.8 percent of new homes are built with decks. 

Even if your home wasn’t built with a deck, decks are fast and easy to install. One of the big points of contention when it comes to a deck is the decking material that is used to make it. 

Most deck building materials in the United States are wood, which is the structure of the deck itself. What you choose to be the decking material on top is up to you. There are a few considerations and reasons why you might choose one type of decking over another, such as cost, look, and durability. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular decking material options so that you can have all the information you need. The best decking material is the one that works with your budget and needs. There are good pros and cons to every type of decking that you could possibly get. 

Wood Decking Material 

Wood gives a deck the classic form, shape, and smell that you’re used to. If you close your eyes and think of a deck, chances are you see it as made out of sturdy, rugged wood. Wood can make a beautiful, wonderful deck that is difficult to match in either look or appeal. 

With all that, wood does have some serious drawbacks. In order to remain durable, wood requires a good deal of maintenance. It is also not the material you want to have around open sources of moisture, because over time exposure to water can cause a lot of problems for a wooden deck. 

The price of wood can change, it doesn’t stay the same from season to season or particularly right now. That means that you may find a great deal on a wood deck, or it could become a very expensive proposition. 

As long as you do maintain a wood deck, you have little to worry about. The lifespan of a wood deck is shorter than the other materials, however. This is due to dry rot and other problems that will occur to wood over time just through exposure to the elements, and the constant beating of the sun. 

Composite and PVC Decking Materials 

This single type of decking encompasses a huge variety of options and styles. Composite decking material is the most versatile choice for look and appearance. It can also be very durable and requires very little maintenance to keep looking its best. TimberTech is one of the best resources for composite decking materials. Having a full range of colors and textures to choose from, you can combine the look of traditional wood with the maintenance free appeal of a composite product.

The lack of maintenance or chance for rotting really makes composite decking a fantastic choice if you want a deck that you don’t have to worry about often. It is also very easy to keep a lot of composite decking material clean and free of contaminants and filth. This ease of care makes it an obvious choice for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time. 

If you want a free estimate so you know what to expect, get a hold of a contractor that you can trust. 

If you’re looking for a durable deck material that can stand up to almost anything, TimberTech also makes a superior polymer product. Because of its composition, water will have no effect on it and you’ll never have to worry about the deck rotting. 

The look of TimerTech decking is also quite striking and you have flexible options when choosing how you want your deck to look. This can lead you to have a bit more freedom, and spare some of your concerns when you are designing the deck that you want.

Offering both a premium capped composite and an encapsulated cellular polymer product, TimberTech is a top-notch decking material resource. When you go with TimberTech, you’ll never have to worry about insects, warping, rotting, and more. TimberTech also offers a limited lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects. On top of that, it even comes with a 30 or 50-year Fade and Stain warranty, depending on which product you chose.

To get TimberTech, you should find a contractor that knows how to work with the material so that you achieve the best results possible. 

Other Decking Materials

You can find materials of all kinds used in decking, ranging from aluminum decking to custom hardwood types. All of these types of decking materials have their own pros and cons. Deck material options are truly varied and plentiful, but the three that we broke down are going to be the best options for you in most cases. 

The more exotic the material, the more expensive it will be. So if you were to get a deck made out of all redwood, not only would you have a ton of maintenance concerns, the wood itself would be extremely expensive. That is not to say that you shouldn’t, just be aware of what you’re getting yourself into. 

Your Deck, Your Home

Once you’ve taken a look at the options available and decided what decking material you’re going to go with, find a good contractor. If you’re looking for a new deck or an updated one, Contract Exteriors would love to answer any questions that you may have.

If you want to transform your backyard into an ideal space for relaxation and entertainment, let Contract Exteriors help.  Whether you want a ground-level deck or a multi-level deck, Contract Exteriors can accomplish it all. Wheter you choose a natural wood or decide to go with TimberTech as your choice for decking material, the options are limitless for how to style your perfect deck.

The deck of your dreams will help make your dream home a reality faster than any other outside project you can undertake. Contact us today!

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