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What Should You Know About OKNA Windows?

February 28, 2023

You’re thinking about sprucing up your home’s look and feel this spring, starting with your windows.

Smart thinking. Vinyl windows are one of the top exterior renovations that increase a home’s value.

However, not all vinyl window options are alike. OKNA windows stand out in the vinyl window industry for several reasons.

Here’s a rundown of everything you should know about what OKNA windows have to offer your home.

Let’s jump in!

Vinyl Benefits

One of the top reasons to install OKNA windows at your residence is that these windows are superior to wood windows and fiberglass windows.

Some homeowners like wood’s classic look. However, wood windows can easily crack, warp, or rot over time. For this reason, they are high maintenance.

Fiberglass, another window option, has increased in popularity over the years. However, these types of windows can be quite costly.

In light of the above, vinyl windows, like OKNA windows, remain a popular option for window replacement projects.

High Quality

Not every vinyl window is fabricated with a focus on quality. This is what makes OKNA a top choice for a window installation project: They are committed to consistently producing high-quality vinyl windows.

OKNA windows are always tested by an independent lab before being released to stores. That’s because OKNA maintains high manufacturing standards. They also hold the authorized dealers they work with to rigorous window installation standards.

Matchless Curb Appeal

Another reason to choose OKNA windows is their unparalleled curb appeal.

You can rest assured that your OKNA windows will be a clean and sleek addition to your home’s exterior. They provide stellar views from indoors.  Additionally they enhance your home’s appearance from the outdoors.

As we mentioned earlier, because OKNA windows are well crafted, you can expect them to enhance your home’s look and value for years to come.


Yet another reason to choose OKNA windows is that they are environmentally friendly.

OKNA’s vinyl windows have robust thermal resistance. Other vinyl window brands offer a 0.2 CFM air seal rating. However, OKNA’s rating is .01 CFM. This is the lowest rating possible.

In light of this, OKNA windows’ level of airtightness is 2,000% greater than that of its competitors. This translates to reduced drafts and heat loss. As a result, you can expect lower HVAC bills.

Many Types of Windows

Finally, OKNA windows are a popular window option due to the vast window styles available through this brand.

Double-Hung Window Option

You can take advantage of the double-hung window through the OKNA brand. This window features two vertically stacked, independently moving sashes in a frame.

These windows work excellently in places that are difficult to reach. They are also easy to clean and are safer to use in a multi-story home.

Sliding Window Option

A sliding window is another window style available through OKNA. This type of window has two sashes that stand beside each other in a frame. Each sash slides horizontally along a track.

Sliding windows stand out for their user-friendly hardware, compact design, and high visibility. You may especially find them helpful in areas where inward- or outward-opening windows won’t fit.

Casement Window Option

Casement windows are another popular OKNA window option. These windows are a lot like small doors and open outward. All you have to do is turn the crank’s handle and allow the windows to slowly provide you with increased outside access.

The benefit of a casement window is that it will give you exceptional airflow. It is also attractive due to its architectural distinction, and it will blend in well with other kinds of windows.

Bow Window Option

Bow windows are also in-demand OKNA window options. These large windows feature at least four same-size panels.

Bow windows have traditionally included fixed panes. However, modern bow windows can be cracked open. This means you can let fresh air enter your home when you install these windows at your house.

A major benefit of bow windows is that they can make a small room look bigger. They’re also a convenient and alluring way to flood a room with sunlight.

Bay Window Option

A bay window is a bit smaller than a bow window. Rather than featuring four-plus panels like the bow window does, it features three panels. It usually features a bigger window at the center, and this center window is flanked by two smaller ones.

The center window is typically fixed. Meanwhile, the two smaller ones usually come with operable features, just as casement windows and double-hung ones. As a result, you may open these windows to fill your home with refreshing ventilation.

Because these OKNA windows are semicircular or angled, they can easily feature oversized window sills. As a result, they can provide increased storage or seating in your home.

How We Can Help Those Seeking OKNA Windows for Their Homes

OKNA windows offer several benefits, including the fact that they are vinyl windows, which tend to last longer than wooden windows. These windows also stand out for their high quality, beauty, and eco-friendliness.

At Contract Exteriors, we take pride in installing OKNA windows as well as providing siding, decking, and roofing services. We offer financing with super-low interest rates as well, resulting in payments under $300 per month.Ready to take your home’s curb appeal in Myrtle Beach or Charleston to the next level? Contact us to learn more about our services, and schedule a free estimate now!

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