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Why We Use James Hardie Siding

July 29, 2022

What if you never had to paint your house’s exterior again?

Many homeowners aren’t aware of the array of options they have for their home’s exterior. But thanks to recent engineering advances, there is a new trend in exterior design that is exploding in popularity.

Over the last few years, fiber cement siding has become an excellent, durable, long-term option for almost any home. Choosing quality siding like James Hardie Board Siding for your house has a massive impact on its appearance and value. It also simplifies homeownership by taking away some of the largest pains of upkeeping your property.

The construction of your house should bring you a sense of calm whenever you pull into the driveway. A well-designed exterior is the first reminder that you are finally home. Choosing quality siding accomplishes this and comes with many other benefits. If you look around, you’ll see homeowners are taking notice of this growing trend.

Read on to learn why we recommend top-quality siding brands, like James Hardie Board, for your home exterior.


In our corner of South Carolina, storms and bad weather can appear out of nowhere. It’s important to have an exterior that is built to last.

Professional, quality siding is specifically tested in worst-case scenarios. Decades of engineering have optimized durability and performance even in hurricane-caliber weather.

Additionally, high-quality siding is further engineered for durability even in good weather. These panels can deflect UV rays and prevent any sun damage to the house or property.

There are various types of James Hardie siding specifically designed for our local climate patterns.


High-end siding for your home offers tremendous cost savings over time. Fiber cement siding keeps pests at bay and prevents cracks, swelling, and wood breakdown. This solid protection gives your home extended mileage and keeps costs low.

The longevity of these products is outstanding and even insurance companies have taken notice. Many insurers offer reductions in home-insurance premiums on homes built with James Hardie siding. If you opt for quality siding, it is worth letting your insurer know.

The James Hardie siding we offer carries a 30-year, non-prorated warranty from James Hardie for extra peace of mind.


If you want the color on your home to continue to stand out as you drive by for years to come, James Hardie siding is the obvious best choice.

The James Hardie siding we use comes with a ColorPlus Technology coating. This technology prevents fading over time and keeps cracks and chips at bay. Compared to repainting a home every few years to maintain a fresh appearance, the simplicity of board siding makes it a clear winner.

Creative Variety

James Hardie siding has five generations and millions of dollars of research and development behind it. The company has created a massive catalog of colors and design options. There is a great siding pattern to bring to life whatever design you have envisioned for your home.

Additionally, James Hardie siding is over five times thicker than vinyl. This engineering choice provides a unique and beautiful wood-grain appearance. The resulting look is far more elegant than vinyl constructions and more durable than traditional painted wood.


Any industry leader in material design carries a responsibility to protect the environment. 

James Hardie has consistently been the greenest siding provider in the industry.

The company has a four-pronged plan to provide the highest degree of sustainability. Company leadership is focusing on four pillars: Communities, Environment, Innovation, and Zero Harm.

By 2030, James Hardie products aim toward a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas intensity. The company also aims for a 50% reduction in manufacturing waste intensity. By the end of the decade, 20M cubic feet of additional water will be recycled from manufacturing.

These goals are well-aligned with the engineering goals of producing materials that are built to last. In fact, in 2017, Green Builder Media named James Hardie the “Greenest Siding Brand” for the sixth straight year.

It is very important to us and to our manufacturers to provide home solutions that are sustainable over the long term. James Hardie siding is the clear leader on this front. For this reason, we are proud to be the primary Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor in our area.

Storm Resistance

Gale-force winds and heavy precipitation pose a challenge to any type of home exterior. However, siding remains the most durable option over vinyl, wood, or other materials.

Fiber cement siding with generations of materials testing and engineering make James Hardie siding the best option to prevent long-term damage from inclement weather. It is highly resistant to cracks and damages from weather and may never show any obvious external signs of wear depending on the climate.

The Benefits of James Hardie Siding

James Hardie has long been known as the single industry leader in home siding. Generic fiber cement siding is available. But it usually comes up lacking in durability, variety, sustainability, and color options.

James Hardie siding products capture all of these advantages in its line of materials. It has time-tested results evident on millions of homes nationwide.

This is why we exclusively offer James Hardie siding for our clients’ homes despite many fiber cement options available to us. In fact, we are the region’s only James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor.

This means the manufacturer has recognized the quality of our work after years of helping our community as a home contractor. We are the go-to contractor for Hardie siding in Coastal South Carolina.

If you want to set your home up for success over the long term with premium durability, value, and appearance, we want to help you. We know that siding from James Hardie is often the best available choice for home exteriors. We can work with you to customize your plans to bring maximum benefit to you, your home, and your environment. We also have amazing offers to finance your home improvement project which allows our customers to replace their siding for under $300 per month! Contact us today to find out how exterior siding can complement your home renovation!

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