Exterior Maintenance is Key to Riding out Harsh Winter Months

October 31, 2017

With colder weather finally showing its face, prepping the exterior of your home is very important.

Vice President of our Remodeling Division, Eugenia, spoke with Fox 24 News in Charleston about prepping the exterior of your home for cooler weather.

First thing to remember when weather proofing your home is energy efficiency. Windows are the biggest robber of your heat. If you have old drafty windows, now would be a good time to replace them. Contract Exteriors offers financing which will help with your home improvement changes that you may want to make before winter. We have received feedback from our homeowners that have installed energy efficient windows, stating there monthly energy bills have decreased.

Always be sure that you have proper ventilation for your roof, making sure it keeps it’s life expectancy. We offer many great insulated siding options. Again, insulated siding will pay off in the long run when you think of your energy bills.

Wood decking is a great cost effective material, however in the winter months, water can seep into the cracks & freeze causing it to expand. We recommend AZEK PVC fully capped product. This product is basically maintenance free for homeowners, and comes with a 30 year stain & fade warranty. Contract Exteriors is the Platinum Contractor for AZEK Building Products.

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