Wave Goodbye to Wavy Siding: Taming the Unruly Issue

August 26, 2023

Few things spoil your home’s facade faster than distorted, wavy siding. This unsightly issue can suddenly surface to wreak havoc on your curb appeal, leaving homeowners distressed and searching for answers.

What causes siding to morph into a warped, wavy mess? The reasons are complex but solvable with the right expertise. In this article, we’ll tame the unruly issue of wavy siding and restore order to your home’s exterior. Follow along as we reveal the mysterious causes, advanced remedies, and maintenance secrets for picture-perfect siding.

At Contract Exteriors, we specialize in diagnosing and treating wavy siding issues for homes throughout the Charleston and Myrtle Beach areas. Our elite siding mastery transforms the wildest siding into a beautifully flawless finish. Read on to unravel the secrets we use to wave goodbye to wavy siding for good.

Pinpointing the Causes

The first step in taming any beast is understanding what created it in the first place. Wavy siding origins typically stem from a handful of common causes:

Improper installation technique is a prime culprit, as siding that isn’t properly fastened or aligned can shift and ripple over time. Nailing too tightly or neglecting expansion gaps leads to waviness down the road. Skilled installation is critical for preventing the wavy beast.

Building settling and movement also stresses siding, allowing boards to loosen and pop out unevenly. Significantly uneven wall surfaces underlying the siding exacerbate these distortion issues.

Trapped moisture is another sneaky contributor, making siding swell and buckle when it can’t dry properly. Inadequate vapor barriers, poor attic ventilation, and leaky gutters all feed the moisture beast.

Using lightweight sidings unsuited for hot climates results in extensive expansion and contraction that contorts the boards. Harsh sunlight also degrades siding over time, especially darker colors that absorb more heat.

Smoothing and Securing for the Win

Once the causes are diagnosed, targeted remedies can smooth and secure even the most unruly siding. Our beast busting arsenal includes:

  • Precision adjustments to realign and refasten shifted boards, finessed by specialists to erase minor rippling.
  • Moisture management via new vapor barriers, ventilation improvements, and drainage solutions to banish distortion-causing moisture.
  • Total siding replacement for extensively wavy and damaged facades to restore pristine aesthetics.
  • Strategic shading elements like trees and shade structures to protect siding from harsh sunlight.
  • Upgraded premium siding in high-risk areas, like resilient Hardie Board that resists warping and waving.

With the right solutions matched to the causes, we reform even the wildest siding into a gorgeously smooth finish. Your neighbors will think it’s brand new!

Maintaining Picture-Perfect Results

Of course, keeping the wavy siding beast at bay for good requires diligent maintenance:

  • Meticulous installation with proper spacing, alignment, and seam finishing to allow even expansion and contraction.
  • Ongoing moisture mastery through vapor barriers, ventilation, gutter upgrades, and drainage.
  • UV protection via strategic trees, shrubs and shade structures to minimize sun damage.
  • Investing in warp-resistant siding materials designed specifically for your climate.
  • Proactive inspections, washing, and repairs to catch small issues before they grow.

Take advantage of our free consultations and assessments. Together we’ll permanently reform your siding into a breathtaking, wave-free facade you’ll love gazing at for years to come. Say goodbye to the wavy beast for good!

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