Why Do We Choose Azek Building Products?

April 23, 2018

Decking is becoming more popular than it’s ever been.  Each day, we receive more and more calls from homeowners interested in decking.  No matter what city they live in, they all have the same question – what products should they use?  From treated decking, to composite decking, to wrapped composite decking, to cellular PVC decking, to exotic woods decking, there is a lot to choose from and consider!

Treated decking has been around forever and it’s the one product homeowners know the most about. The challenge with treated decking is the process hasn’t changed over the years.  In today’s environment, the grow cycle of a tree is much faster, resulting in growth rings which are further apart. This allows moisture to breakdown boards at a quicker rate than 20 year old treated boards.  

If a homeowner selects this product, it’s important to understand the only way to prolong its life, is with ongoing maintenance. This can include sealing the boards twice a year, removing debris building up or monthly power washing. If you don’t mind working around the house, then this product makes sense.  

However, if you want to enjoy your outdoor space without ongoing maintenance, pick a decking product that’s built with your enjoyment in mind.

For homeowners that can’t spend the time needed for upkeep, or just don’t want the headache of maintenance, consider a composite or PVC deck board. Composite decking was created to give decking a longer life than treated decking, but with many of the same characteristics. Because it still has wood fibers in it, it can be stained like treated deck board. However, this means more care is required for this type of decking.

As decking technology improves, manufacturers have created a capped, composite board which allows for the benefits of composite technology, without the worry of boards being stained by oil, grease, etc. This capped product comes in a array of great colors and styles that allows homeowners to select a color that meets their pallet.

Homeowners in search of virtually maintenance-free and hassle-free deck boards should consider using cellular PVC decking.  Similar to composite deck boards, cellular PVC deck boards prevent stains from oils, grease, etc. However, unlike composite boards, cellular PVC decking is designed to prevent moisture absorption, all while maintaining a year-round, ‘just-built’ look.  

Azek Building Products offers two decking brands; Azek and Timbertech. With 35 colors to choose from, a homeowner can feel confident in choosing the right style and color for their home.  

Additionally, when choosing Azek Building Products homeowners can be assured they are purchasing a superior product, backed by a 30 year warranty. That’s something wood can’t provide. There are other decking brands out there, but we believe Azek Building Products is the best decking solution for living in the South. If you’d like to learn more about Azek Building Products, give Contract Exteriors a call today!  One of our Remodeling Consultants would be happy to talk to you about all of the benefits Azek products have to offer.

There are so many reasons why we choose Azek and Timbertech Decking, but in the end it’s pretty simple…WE TRUST IT!!!

Randy Hann
Contract Exteriors

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